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Boulou and Elios Ferre: Nuages

Boulou and Elios Ferre carry on the traditions of the great Ferret musical dynasty (later changed to Ferre). Their father was Matelo Ferret, who was one of Django’s rhythm guitarists.

This clip is an out-take from the immensely popular documentary The Django Legacy. The scene takes place in the old Favino workshop on rue de Clignancourt in Paris. Jaques Favino and his son Jean-Pierre look on.

For more Boulou and Elios video check out their DVD: Live at Djangofest  Nortwest

For more Boulou and Elios check out their CDs: Pour Django, Gypsy Dreams, Relax and Enjoy, Nuages, Confirmation, Trinity, New York, N.Y., Intersection, Guitar Legacy, Rainbow of Life, and Shades of a Dream.

The video archive is dedicated to Mary Honcoop. She generously shared her large collection of Gypsy videos with nearly anyone who asked. The video archive aims to continue her generosity now that she is gone.

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