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2017 Dupont MCC50B

2017 Dupont MCC50B

A rare nylon string Gypsy model that can do anything from Django, to Latin, to classical!

New at DjangoBooks.com

Autumn Greetings Gypsy jazzers! Here’s what’s new at DjangoBooks.com:

2018 Selmer Transitional Model Replica

2016 Dupont MDC50B

2017 Dupont MCC50B Custom Nylon String

2017 Dupont MC50B CUSTOM

2018 AT Petite Bouche

1999 Castelluccia D Hole

Eastman DM1

Altamira Model M

1985 Gibson Johnny Smith 25th Anniversary Edition

2018 Benedetto Bravo Elite

2018 Benedetto Bravo

2018 Ibanez George Benson LGB300

Eastman AR905CE Uptown Archtop

Eastman AR403CED Electric Archtop

Coming Soon:

2010 Daigle D Hole

2018 Eastman AR605CED

1987 Anastasio Petite Bouche

Henriksen JazzAmp TEN

AER Compact 60/4

Krivo Nuevo Chrome Single Coil Gypsy Jazz Guitar Pickup

Jean Barault – Construction of a Selmer Replica

Yaakov Hoter Picking Course

The last lesson of  Yaakov Hoter’s free series has been released! In this lesson, you will master more Django picking patterns so you can get that unmistakable Django sound.

Free Picking Lesson Video

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2018 Selmer Transitional Model Replica

2018 Selmer Transitional Model Replica

Meticulous replica of the legendary model played by Django!

Jean Barault – Construction of a Selmer Replica

Jean Barault - Construction of a Selmer Replica ***SHIPS 11/12***

Jean Barault – Construction of a Selmer Replica

Gypsy Jazz Picking Course

Greetings Gypsy jazzers,

My friend, Yaakov Hoter, one of the leading guitarists on the Gypsy Jazz scene and, more importantly, one of the most devoted instructors and teachers out there, is now opening a free mini series course about Django Reinhardt’s picking style. For the next 12 days, this mini series is yours for the asking. You’ll learn a complete solo improvisation over Dark Eyes, improve your technique and learn exciting new ideas from the master, Django! I think anyone who has studied my own Gypsy Picking book will find this series to be an excellent way to further develop your rest-stroke picking technique:

Join now and get access to the first lesson>>



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